Shoonya Vayu Mudra

Shoonya Vayu Mudra is the combination of Shoonya mudra and Vayu mudra. Shoonya is related to zero or sky or space or Akasha in Sanskrit and Vayu means air. So this mudra involves two fingers namely middle and index fingers which represent space and air respectively.

Formation and Effect

Index finger and middle finger are placed at the base of the thumb and thumb has to be placed above these fingers gently.

This mudra helps to balance both space and air simultaneously. Space is reduced by Shoonya mudra and vayu is reduced by Vayu mudra.


Shoonya Vayu mudra helps in curing the following disorders:


Numbness in body parts

Lack of stamina

Impatience, indiciveness, fear

Weight loss

Parkinson, giddiness, vertigo etc. are cured

Cracked skin


Severe headache, pain in the ear, tooth, throat, heels, joints

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