Surya Mudra


Surya Mudra

Surya means the Sun and ring finger in our hand represents Sun. Surya mudra generates the heat in the body like Sun. This mudra helps in increasing fire (agni) and decreasing earth (prithvi) element. This mudra is also called as Agni vardhak mudra.

Formation and Effect

The tip of the ring finger has to be placed at the base of the thumb and thumb has to be placed on the back of the ring finger.

The fire element is associated with body temperature and metabolism. Surya mudra helps to balance the body temperature and keeps the metabolism.


Surya mudra helps to cure the following disorders:

Problems with vision and cataract

Low body temperature

Cold and shivering

Absence of sweating

Cough tuberculosis, sinusitis and asthma

Inactivity of the thyroid gland causing slow metabolism

High cholesterol in the blood

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