Bhastrika Pranayama

How to perform Bhastrika Pranayam?

  • Sit in a meditative posture. You can sit in sukhasana, padmasana or Vajrasana. Place your hands on the knees. You can use jnana mudra.
  • Breathe in forcibly through both the nostrils. And exhale the air completely
  • While inhaling and exhaling, a hissing sound is produced.
  • While inhaling, fill out your lungs completely and empty the lungs completely while exhaling. Repeat the procedure for 2-5 minutes
  • Have smile on your face and concentrate on the breathing
  • Backbone should be erect and should be in a straight line
  • Take some rest if you feel uncomfortable in doing continuously
  • Do the exercise for 2 minutes and maximum 5 minutes only


All the problems related to nervous system are cured. Depression, anger, anxiety are relieved

Helps to throw out toxins in the body

Will power is increased

Improves digestive system

It helps in activating Manipura Chakra

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